you.jpgWe need you on June 8th!

Can you help bring about a Labour victory on polling day? 

This is the crucial day of days when we need to get out all of the Labour vote identified through all the hard work of the preceding campaign. Can you help knocking on doors on the big day, phoning voters, as a teller at a polling station, or provide lifts to Labour voters so they can cast their vote? We will need hundreds of people on the day, including your help.

Please, sign up here and let us know you can help.


Theresa May has called a snap General Election for 8 June. The two Tory MPs for Plymouth only just won in 2015. Our mission is to beat them in just over 40 days, but to do that we need your help and support.

On behalf of the thousands of people struggling to get by, all those who desperately need an NHS free at the point of need, and those who want strong Plymouth voice in Parliament, please vote Labour on June 8th.

Find out more on twitter or facebook.

Check out the websites for our local Labour Candidates


sue-slider-1SM.png             Luke_Drake_Circus_3_-SM.jpg

Sue Dann Labour Candidate for

Plymouth Moor View

Luke Pollard Labour Candidate for

Plymouth Sutton and Devonport


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