Join Plymouth Labour's 500 Club


Welcome to Plymouth Labour's 500 Club - our monthly fundraising lottery for members and supporters.

How the 500 Club works

The 500 Club is the new name for Plymouth Labour's 300 Club. It works by members and supporters buying £1 shares in the lottery via standing order. Each month a draw takes place at our offices on Alfred Street overseen by an independent volunteer. The winners are then contacted by the administrators and sent their winnings. 

What are the prizes?

Each month we draw four prizes. The top prize is £100 with a second prize of £50. The winner of the third place draw wins £20 and the prize for fourth place is £10.  Prize winners are then contacted by the 500 Club team and sent a cheque with their winnings.

What does the money go on?

Each month £180 goes in prize money. Apart from a little bit of administration cost for stamps and printing the remainder of the money goes as a donation to Plymouth Labour Party. All money raised pays for our building on Alfred Street and our campaign equipment. Your support makes a huge difference to the facilities we have to campaign with.

How much have you paid out?

We have a 500 Club draw every month and members get informed of their winnings within a few days. We have paid out thousands of pounds in prizes in the last year. It only takes a few moments to join and whether you are taking home your winnings or donating them back to the party - with all monies raised going to pay for the building - the entire party is a winner with the 500 Club.

I was a member of the old 300 Club - how can I join the 500 Club?

Over the past few decades thousands of pounds was raised from the 300 Club. As part of a refreshed fundraising campaign we renamed the 300 Club as the 500 Club and changed the bank account. This means we no longer pay administration fees of £400 a year. If you were a member of the 300 Club you will need to cancel your current subscription and complete a new standing order for the 500 Club. The last draw for the 300 Club was in July 2015. 


Make joining the 500 Club your new year's resolution

Help make 2017 a successful year for Labour in Plymouth by joining the 500 Club with £1 or whatever you can spare. Download the form here.

I have a question, who can I contact?

The 500 Club lottery is administered by Cllr Mary Aspinall and David Evans. You can contact them by calling 01752 269180 or emailing

Application form

You can download an application form to join the 500 Club here.

If you would like a form posted to you please contact Mary Aspinall or David Evans on 01752 269180 or email with a request for one.