Campaigning for a better Plymouth

Plymouth Labour Party is a volunteer-led political party working to get a better deal for everyone in Plymouth.

Winning back Plymouth City Council


Plymouth Labour's campaigning in the 2015 elections.

The Labour Party won control of Plymouth City Council in 2012 and we've been campaigning ever since to get more people back into work, to restore pride in the city, increase connectivity and devolve more decisions to local people. The Tory Government and Plymouth's Tory MPs have voted for £64million of cuts to services in Plymouth and the Labour council is having to take some difficult decisions to cope with these Tory cuts whilst still preserving as many frontline services as we can.

In 2016, the Conservatives and UKIP formed a coalition to seize control of Plymouth City Council from Labour. Since then, they've cut and sought to dismantle the good work done by Labour since 2012. The next local elections are in 2018 and Labour is working hard, listening and campaigning to win the support of people in Plymouth to win back Plymouth City Council.

Since Labour was elected in 2012 we have made 150 manifesto pledges. We have delivered 149 of them. You can read our manifesto for the 2016 elections here.

Fighting for you in Europe


Clare Moody MEP - representing the South West and Gibraltar in the European Parliament

Labour's MEP for the South West, Clare Moody, is a regular campaigner in Plymouth and takes up issues affecting Plymouth in the European Parliament in Brussels. Find out more about what Clare is doing to represent us in Brussels by looking at her website here: http://www.claremoodymep.com/

Find Clare on Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/clare.moodymep

Find @ClareMoodyMEP on Twitter -> https://twitter.com/ClareMoodyMEP