Blandford Road Resurfaced

Plymouth's Labour-run City Council has resurfaced Blandford Road. Despite £64million of Tory cuts to the city's budget money has been found to completely resurface the entire length of Blandford Road.

I've been campaigning to get Blandford Road resurfaced for many years and I'm so pleased the Labour council has listened and invested in a new road surface. It looks better, the noise from traffic is reduced and hopefully it will reduce the rattle as you drive over it. 

- Luke Pollard, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Plymouth's Labour-run City Council has been investing millions in new roads. Compton's Conservative Councillors failed to back extra money for road repairs in the recent budget debate. People in Compton ward need to know that their new road is because Labour councillors found money to invest in their roads. 

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