Sue Dann on Defence


Plymouth is a Proud Military City. Watch my latest video on why that matters to me & the defence priorities I will fight for if elected on June 8th

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Manchester terror attack


As a mark of respect for the victims of the Manchester terror attack Plymouth Labour is suspending all campaign activities today.

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Labour to scrap parking charges at Derriford Hospital


Labour today announces that it will abolish hospital car parking fees that will benefit thousands of people who pay to park at Derriford hospital.

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Ex Royal Navy Gareth Derrick slams misleading Tory "Armed Forces Champion" claims

GD_small.pngGareth Derrick - Formerly In Command Royal Navy and Royal Marine Reserve Parliamentary candidate SE Cornwall 

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Plymouth Labour announces General Election candidates


Sue Dann - Plymouth Moor View and Luke Pollard - Plymouth Sutton & Devonport

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Rubbish collection leaflets only fit for bin


Plymouth Labour has called for the sacking of a Conservative councillor after a leaflet was sent to almost 120,000 households in Plymouth containing crucial errors which was reported in the Herald today.

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Voting Lib Dem only helps the Tories in Plymouth


The Liberal Democrats cannot win in Plymouth

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New bank holidays would boost tourism in the South West says Plymouth Labour


Plymouth Labour has welcomed plans announced by Jeremy Corbyn to create four new bank holidays if Labour wins the General Election on 8 June.

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Tory focus on creating Trident myths as their record on defence is poor


Today the Tories have launched an attack on Labour creating myths and uncertainty about the party's defence positions.

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Save Plymouth Libraries - Dawn till Dusk Read-in Relay


14 hours - two chairs - 55 people - many books - and lots of anger over plans to close 10 of Plymouth's Libraries

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