Labour calls for urgent clarity on secret Government plan to cut the Royal Marines


Today, the Telegraph revealed plans by the Ministry of Defence to cut the Royal Marines putting their future as a fighting force in jeopardy. 

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Westminster terror attack


Plymouth Labour stands with the victims of this week's terror attack in Westminster.  Alison Seabeck, who represented Plymouth Moor View from 2005 to 2015 was in Westminster when the attack happened. She sends this message.

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Plymouth Labour first to use latest doorstep technology


Plymouth Labour has become one of the first parties in the country to use the latest doorstep campaigning technology on canvasses. The doorstep app allows volunteers who are doorknocking to feed information back in real-time to Labour's campaign systems saving time.

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Tories break election promise as National Insurance is hiked in Budget


Today was Budget day. Plymouth Labour's Luke Pollard who stood as our candidate in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport at the 2015 General Election looks at the Budget and what it means for the South West.

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Victims of crime being let down by Tory Police Commissioner

Today’s HMIC report on crime recording by Devon and Cornwall rates Devon and Cornwall Police as “inadequate” and declares it unacceptable that the force records so few of the most dangerous crimes including violence, rape and other sexual offences. It says only 76% of violent crimes are being recorded, leaving over 17,000 crimes off the books, and that Devon and Cornwall Police are “failing victims of crime”.

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Labour anger at Tory Library closure plan


Labour councillors in Plymouth have vowed to fight plans by the ruling UKIP-Tory coalition to close 10 libraries across the city.

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Labour launches NHS campaign about Derriford Hospital


Plymouth Labour has launched a new campaign to tackle the chronic underfunding in the NHS that saw Derriford Hospital raise its alert level to the highest level. 

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Make Making a Difference be your 2017 New Year Resolution


Make Making a Difference be your New Year Resolution. Here's five ways you can make a difference with the Labour Party in 2017.

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Labour calls for fairer boundaries


The Boundary Commission are proposing big changes to the way Plymouth elects its MPs. With thousands of fewer people registered to vote the Conservatives have introduced a boundary review that will make it easier for them to win and a voter registration system that makes it harder for people to register to vote. 

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