Boundary Changes - What they mean for Plymouth


The Boundary Commission has announced its proposals for the Plymouth Constituency Boundaries to take effect in 2018.

Peverell ward is proposed to move into Plymouth Moor View, and the Plymstock wards into Plymouth Sutton & Devonport. These seats will be renamed Plymouth North and Plymouth South. The Plympton wards will move into a new seat called Tavistock and Ivybridge that will cover the whole of Western Dartmoor as well.

In effect this increases the Tory vote in Plymouth North by 1,000 and Plymouth South by 3,000. 


How the new constituencies could look with Plymouth North and Plymouth South (above) - constituencies in red, wards in black


The two new constituencies in red.


Plympton is to be moved into a new Tavistock and Ivybridge seat.

What happens next?

A first, 12 week, consultation is now taking place, and you can see the full details, and how to respond to the consultation, here: - INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION RESPONSES ARE GREATLY ENCOURAGED.

The regional Labour Party will be making an official Labour South West response, and we will make sure that this is sent to all members.

Plymouth Labour responds

Luke Pollard, who stood in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport at the last election, said:

The new boundaries for Plymouth hugely help the Tories. Gerrymandering boundaries to slant elections in the blue team's favour isn't good. There are two million fewer voters on the electoral register now thanks to Tory changes to how people register to vote. That means thousands of people have lost their vote in Plymouth. Losing the historic names of Sutton and Devonport further underlines how dismissive of local priorities this boundary review has been. 

Cllr Jonny Morris, Southway Labour Councillor and Chair of Plymouth Moor View CLP said:

"Since December 2015 something like 2.5million people have been added to the electoral register across the UK. That was partly because of the EU referendum. So the figures are just completely out date compared to the actual numbers of eligible voters."

Read more of Jonny's comments in the Herald here.