Your Branch Team for the next year

We have just concluded our Annual General Meeting for the joint Compton, Efford & Lipson and Peverell branches. I am delighted to inform you that the following have been duly elected as the branch officers for the next year.

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Petrie: "Thank you for your support. We'll keep on fighting"


Labour's candidate in Compton, John Petrie, has thanked all the voters and vounteers who backed his campaign in Compton in the local elections.

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John Petrie Labour Candidate for Compton



I have lived in Plymouth for nine years but have always considered the city my home. My dad grew up in Whitleigh, my mum is from a farming family just outside the city and Plymouth is where my wife and I have chosen to build our life together.

I'm a passionate Argyle fan and gained a reputation as a combative and thoughtful leader when founding and running the fans' Trust. I was a vocal advocate for one of Plymouth’s largest and most vibrant communities before I got involved with the Labour Party.

I studied at Plymouth University, gaining a both an undergraduate and Masters degree. Since then, my experience of life in Plymouth is varied. I have worked as a bar tender, supported Disabled students, been unemployed and now work at Plymouth University supporting start-up businesses.

As a committed campaigner, I know just how important it is that we are in and of our communities. I don’t believe that one person has all the answers, or all the skills, and that is why I will work with the members in the ward to involve them in what we do and build a team that understands and works with our communities.

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Labour Council listens to Collings Park residents over tennis courts


Cllr Mark Lowry, Labour's Finance member on Plymouth City Council, has today confirmed that the City Council will sell the old tennis courts in Collings Park to the residents association. This is a huge victory for local residents and one that your local Labour team supported.

Read more about it on the Herald's website here.

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Blandford Road Resurfaced

Plymouth's Labour-run City Council has resurfaced Blandford Road. Despite £64million of Tory cuts to the city's budget money has been found to completely resurface the entire length of Blandford Road.

I've been campaigning to get Blandford Road resurfaced for many years and I'm so pleased the Labour council has listened and invested in a new road surface. It looks better, the noise from traffic is reduced and hopefully it will reduce the rattle as you drive over it. 

- Luke Pollard, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Plymouth's Labour-run City Council has been investing millions in new roads. Compton's Conservative Councillors failed to back extra money for road repairs in the recent budget debate. People in Compton ward need to know that their new road is because Labour councillors found money to invest in their roads. 

Let us know what you think about your new road, contact us.

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