Petrie: "Thank you for your support. We'll keep on fighting"


Labour's candidate in Compton, John Petrie, has thanked all the voters and vounteers who backed his campaign in Compton in the local elections.

John Petrie, Labour's candidate in Compton, said:

A huge thank you to the 900 people who backed me in the local elections. Compton is a Tory safe seat, but I'm pleased we were able to give them a run for their money. The Tories thought they could get away with cutting Police numbers in our city without a fight. My campaign to stop Tory police cuts and show junior doctors that people in Plymouth back them proved important to a lot of voters in Compton.

The results form Thursday also underline Labour's position as the only party that can beat the Tories in Compton. If you want to see the Tory councillor defeated, you need to vote Labour. A vote for the Greens, Lib Dems or any other party just helps the Tories. That's a message we'll be sharing as more and more people become angry about the way the Tories are treating Plymouth.

Compton - turnout 35.89 per cent

Candidates Party Votes Elected
Richard Stephen Ball The Conservative Party Candidate 1,536 Yes
Nigel Buckley Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 65  
Steven Guy Liberal Democrat 217  
John Christopher Petrie Labour Party Candidate 894  
Grace Stickland Plymouth Independents 161  
Colin James Trier The Green Party 261