Councillor Jon Taylor calls for end to Derriford Hospital Parking fees

As part of his campaign to see an end to patient parking fees at Derriford Hospital, Councillor Jon Taylor put forward a council motion calling on the Government to scrap hospital parking charges immediately.

Councillor Jon Taylor says

I've always believed these charges amount to little more than a stealth tax on the sick and carers. Plymouthians visiting our local hospitals have little choice but to stump up and pay these charges. In my view the Tory government is treating people as just another income stream to be exploited to pay for their NHS cuts.

Patients and carers are quite often already facing financial hardship. Theses charges are an extra burden often coming at the worst possible time. There's no point tinkering around the edges and issuing 'guidance.' The government needs to show leadership and scrap these charges once and for all.

This issue also remains high on my priority list as a ward Councillor representing Derriford.  I receive many complaints from residents concerned about the parking chaos in their area.  They feel this is partly caused by increasing hospital parking charges. The people I represent want to see action not just because they have a principled and moral objection to charging sick people to attend hospital, but also because of the parking problems this causes in their area. They deserve to be listened to.