Eddie Rennie Labour Candidate for Sutton and Mount Gould


My name is Eddie Rennie and I am happy to say that I have been reselected by Sutton and Mount Gould Labour Party to stand as the Labour candidate in this ward.

As someone who was born and lived for many years in and around our ward I have been privileged to have  been able to work with many community groups and residents to represent our ward and be able to make sure the voices of all who live and work in it are heard and if reselect by you will work hard to carry on doing so.

Find Eddie @camdem73 on Twitter -> https://twitter.com/camdem73

Contact your Councillors in Sutton and Mount Gould Ward

Councillor Mary Aspinall

Tel: 07471146619

Email: mary.aspinall@plymouth.gov.uk

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Councillor Sue Dann

Tel: 07471146627

Email: sue.dann@plymouth.gov.uk

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Councillor Eddie Rennie

Tel: 01752603796

Email: eddie.rennie@plymouth.gov.uk

You can write to us: Plymouth Labour, FREEPOST RTJT-KSJS-TYYB, Plymouth PL48SH.