Eye Infirmary demolition begins - Labour opposes student flats scheme


Demolition of the extension at the Eye Infirmary has begun. Labour opposes the site being turned into student accommodation and are keeping an eye on the developer during the demolition and construction process.

Cllr Chaz Singh, who with Luke Pollard, ran the campaign to stop the Eye Infirmary being turned into student accommodation is keeping residents informed about the demolition process.

Chaz said:

Labour strongly opposes the building of student accommodation on the Eye Infirmary site. It is sad to see the diggers knocking down the extension. Recently I took the City Council's tree officer to the site to make sure the developer had not chopped more trees than they had permission to do. Throughout the planning process the company refused to speak to local people but now they're building I want them to realise their mistake and speak to local residents about the demolition schedule. We will remain vigilant and keep standing up for local people.

What's your view?

If you have a view about the construction of student accommodation at the Eye Infirmary please get in touch with Chaz on chaz.singh@plymouth.gov.uk

You can read more about this on the Herald's website here.