Ham & St Budeaux Branches Labour Party branch Meeting and Talk

Ray_Tuohy_aviators.jpgHam & St Budeaux Branches Labour Party February Meeting

Chair: Ray Tuohy
Vice Chair: Terry Deans
Secretary: Peter Howe


  1. Attendance & Apologies
  2. Minutes of the March 9th Meeting
  3. Matters arising
  4. Treasurers report
  5. Councillor updates
  6. Delegates reports
  7. Cllr Darren Winter would like to introduce discussions;
    • Branch members views of polling day in St Budeaux/Ham wards and the wider constituency.
    • Branch members discussion on future campaigns in St Budeaux/Ham wards.
  8. a proposed motion by Terry Deans, Vice Chair
    • To the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party to commence Parliamentary Candidate selection as soon as possible in readiness for another short-notice election so as to avoid the situation we were put into by Theresa May's snap election announcement.
  9. Any other business

Cllr Darren Winter

July 13, 2017 at 7:30pm - 9pm
Weston Mill Oak Villa Sports & Social Club
Ferndale Road
Weston Mill
Plymouth PL2 2EL
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Peter Howe

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