Incinerator complaint cards to be delivered to Barne Barton residents.


In 2011 the Tory led council completely disregarded the wishes of the vast majority who live in our area,  and forced their incinerator on the families of Barne Barton and the surrounding areas of Plymouth.  Plymouth Labour actively campaigned alongside Barne Barton and St Budeaux families against the incinerator being built. The Tory incinerator is now fully operational, and many families are complaining about the impact this facility is having on their quality of life.

Plymouth Labour are determined that whilst the incinerator is operating, local familes must have their voice heard so that the operators of the facility are held to account.  Over the next few weeks Plymouth Labour will be distributing resident complaint cards across the areas adjacent to the incinerator site.

Local St Budeaux ward candidate Darren Winter says:

"Whenever I have spoken to local families about the Tory incinerator, they have complained about the noise and smell that is coming from the site.  That is why I have decided to distribute complaint cards.  These complaint cards are a way for our community to positively engage with the operators of this facility by highlighting negative aspects of its operation with a single but large voice.  The operators of the incinerator have made a big effort to engage with the local area, and therefore it is right that they are made fully aware when something that happens on their site negatively affects local families. 

"If a problem is experienced by someone living close-by, then I would encourage them to fill out the complaint card and return it to us FREEPOST.  It is very important that we are heard, and that action can be taken.  It is right that the operators of the incinerator are aware when occurences on the site impact on those who live locally."

Volunteers will be distributing complaint cards to all local adresses over the next few weeks.  Local families are encouraged to keep the card handy to use for raising a complaint.