Jeremy Goslin Labour Candidate for Peverell



Hello, my name is Jeremy Goslin and I work at the University of Plymouth, where I lecture in psychology and conduct research on children’s language development. After having worked abroad for many years I moved to Plymouth with my wife and two boys, choosing to settle in Peverell. I thought that Peverell was a great place to live and bring up a family, with the beautiful parks, houses, and great schools. I still believe that, but what made me stay for the past 11 years were the friendly people and communities that also call it home.

This is why I feel honoured to be given the chance to represent my community as a Labour Councillor for Peverell. I feel we need representation from someone within our community, someone who will listen to our concerns, and work to preserve and improve upon our local area.

I want to make sure that the roads and pavements are not only clean, lit, and well maintained, but safe for children to get to school. I also want to see action on parking problems and safe cycling routes to the city centre. I am also passionate about Central Park, and want to work to protect and improve the beauty and facilities of the jewel in Peverell’s crown.

These are just a few of the many issues need a voice in Peverell, and I hope you will give me that opportunity by voting for me in the Council elections.

If you have any questions, or would like to raise any local issues you can email me on:, or telephone 07511344635.