John Petrie Labour Candidate for Compton



I have lived in Plymouth for nine years but have always considered the city my home. My dad grew up in Whitleigh, my mum is from a farming family just outside the city and Plymouth is where my wife and I have chosen to build our life together.

I'm a passionate Argyle fan and gained a reputation as a combative and thoughtful leader when founding and running the fans' Trust. I was a vocal advocate for one of Plymouth’s largest and most vibrant communities before I got involved with the Labour Party.

I studied at Plymouth University, gaining a both an undergraduate and Masters degree. Since then, my experience of life in Plymouth is varied. I have worked as a bar tender, supported Disabled students, been unemployed and now work at Plymouth University supporting start-up businesses.

As a committed campaigner, I know just how important it is that we are in and of our communities. I don’t believe that one person has all the answers, or all the skills, and that is why I will work with the members in the ward to involve them in what we do and build a team that understands and works with our communities.

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