Labour calls for fairer boundaries


The Boundary Commission are proposing big changes to the way Plymouth elects its MPs. With thousands of fewer people registered to vote the Conservatives have introduced a boundary review that will make it easier for them to win and a voter registration system that makes it harder for people to register to vote. 

Plymouth Labour's members have submitted their views to the consultation. Read some below: 

Luke Pollard, the former Labour and Co-operative Parliamentary Candidate in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, said:

"There are four things I want to see the Boundary Commission do. Firstly, count people not just those people who have navigated the complex and confusing voter registration process.

Secondly, don't base any new boundaries on the electoral register with the fewest people registered.

Thirdly, keep our communities together and that means not putting Peverell into the north of the city and bringing Elburton and Plymstock into the same constituency as Devonport and Stonehouse.

Finally, I have urged the Boundary Commission to retain Plymouth's historic names. Devonport and Sutton have been included in the constituency titles of Plymouth's seats for a century. In a truly unimaginative and bland way, the Boundary Commission officials want to replace these historic names with 'North' and 'South'. Plymouth has a proud history and we should not allow faceless officials in London to remove our history."

You can read Luke Pollard's submission to the Boundary Commission here.

Cllr Jonny Morris, Chair of Plymouth Moor View Labour Party said:

"What the Boundary Commission are being asked to do is a legal gerrymander. An out-of-date register missing thousands of voters, with a constituency size so narrowly defined will lead to stupidities like Devonport being linked with Elburton, and mean that if you come out of the Hyde Park on Mutley Plain you'll be in Plymouth North. Tory majorities will increase in both seats, so we'll have to fight even harder to win Plymouth for Labour and get a Labour Government again".

The national Labour Party has submitted its proposals and comments on the Boundary Review. The public consultation into the review closes on Monday 5 December.