Labour calls for urgent clarity on secret Government plan to cut the Royal Marines


Today, the Telegraph revealed plans by the Ministry of Defence to cut the Royal Marines putting their future as a fighting force in jeopardy. 

Commenting on Government plans revealed today for huge cuts to the Royal Marines, Luke Pollard, who stood for Labour in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport at the last election said:

“The Government’s defence strategy seems to be in disarray. Having announced plans to sell Stonehouse Barracks without any certainty of where the Royal Marines would go in Plymouth we now learn that Ministers are considering cutting a third of the Royal Marines to plug funding gaps the MOD has created.

Our armed forces and their families deserve better than yet another round of uncertainty and confusion. Since the general election Conservative Ministers have u-turned on promises not to sell the Royal Citadel and Stonehouse Barracks, backtracked on promises not to scrap HMS Ocean and overseen further cuts to frontline troops. Now we learn that the Royal Marines are in jeopardy too. This is no way to treat serving Royal Marines, their families and veterans.

I want to see an urgent debate in Parliament to make Ministers account for this back of a fag packet plan. Plymouth deserves better than yet more ill-thought out, poorly planned and damaging cuts to our armed forces. ”


Cllr Tudor Evans, Leader of the Labour Group on Plymouth City Council said:

“Given the importance of the Royal Marines to Plymouth’s economy the story today saying Ministers are considering cutting the Royal Marines is not only bad for morale it is bad for Plymouth’s economy. We need urgent clarification from Ministers about their plan to cut the Royal Marines.”

You can read the Herald's take on the Royal Marines cut plan here.