Labour figures respond to Tory plans to sell Stonehouse Barracks


The Tories plan to sell Stonehouse Barracks in a u-turn of their pre-election promise that assured voters in Plymouth that the party had "no plans" to sell the Royal Marines base.


Luke Pollard, Labour's candidate for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport in the last general election said: 

"The Tory plans to sell Stonehouse Barracks is nothing short of a betrayal of Plymouth. During the election the Tories wooed voters with the promise that they had "no plans" to sell Stonehouse Barracks. That promise now turns out to be a barefaced lie. 

"Stonehouse Barracks is the spiritual home of the Royal Marines and is a vital part of Plymouth's history and economy. It seems the Tories will sell anything, cut any budget and betray any community. 

"Our local Tory MP, Oliver Colvile, has been in the MoD for the past year and he has failed to defend Plymouth from Tory cuts. Mr Colvile's failure to stand up for Plymouth and our jobs is writ large over this plan to flog off Stonehouse Barracks. People in Plymouth will not stand for this fire sale and we will oppose it strongly."

Read what Tory MP Oliver Colvile said before the General Election:

I have spoken to Mark Francois [Defence Minister] and he has assured me that there are no plans to sell off Stonehouse Barracks.”

“There is an assurance from the Government that there is no proposal to sell it off.

“Stonehouse Barracks is the heart and soul of the Royal Marines. There is no threat to Stonehouse Barracks.” - Oliver Colvile MP


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Labour's local councillors for St Peter and the Waterfront have been speaking to residents about Stonehouse Barracks. Cllr Chris Penberthy, Labour and Co-op councillor for the ward that includes Stonehouse Barracks, said:


The Royal Marines have been an integral part of the Stonehouse community for 350 years. it is disturbing that, despite promises from our Tory MP his government is choosing to rip them away from their spiritual home and sell the land they have occupied for centuries.
Stonehouse barracks covers almost a third of the land on the peninsula including the majority of the green space at Eastern King. For the government to announce that it is to be sold and redeveloped as housing before the end of the decade without any consultation with local people or consideration for the local environment shows how disconnected they are from public opinion and how little they care for the residents of this heavily populated peninsula.