Learn the lessons from defeat - Luke's new book


The next Labour leader should focus on winning in places like Plymouth - that's the message from Luke Pollard, Labour's candidate in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport at the General Election in a new book published today.

In the book "Never Again" published by the Fabian Society Luke Pollard argues that Labour needs to concentrate more on the regions and learn the lessons from the election defeat.

In the book Luke Pollard writes: 

"As a necessary precondition our new leadership team must take the time to truly listen to and visit the communities we need to win and that includes Plymouth.

Marginal seats come in all shapes and sizes, some near to London, some further away. Whether we call our approach ‘one nation’ or some other formulation, we have to be a truly national party and that includes valuing the South West as much as any other region.

Without Plymouth returning two Labour MPs instead of two Tory MPs in 2020, the next leader of the Labour Party would have to content themselves with being leader of the opposition and that alone. With Plymouth and cities like Plymouth turning red, they could be Prime Minister.”


Luke joined other key seat candidates in writing about their experience of the general election. 

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