Join the mass read in to Save Peverell Library


Come along this Saturday for a mass read-in at Peverell Library as part of our campaign to save it from closure. Let's show the Council how vital our local library is to all of us. bring your friends, your kids, your relatives, your neighbours... The books are already there.


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Fight to Save Peverell Library

Picture2.pngTory/Ukip Council plans to close 10 out of 17 Plymouth Libraries - including Peverell Library


Peverell resident, and previous Labour council candidate, Jeremy Goslin said: “After cuts to GP surgeries and bin collections, now they threaten our library. They want to move everything online, but not everyone can read e-books, or wants to.

Picture1.pngChildren in particular love the feel and sight of a book in their hands, and my children always looked forward to finding new colourful books on a our weekend visits to Peverell Library. We know that access to books is a top predictor of education success, and all children should have that opportunity."

"During our canvasses we have found residents shocked and dismayed to hear of these plans, and many are keen to speak up against the 'atrocious' and 'barbarous' threats to their library. "

Fellow Peverell resident and former Labour parliamentary candidate Luke Pollard added: “The Tory/Ukip council don’t understand that a library is not just about books. It is an important social hub for our community that provides local access to computers and the internet, council services, and hosts community groups and children’s events, such as the ever popular ‘Rhymetime’.  Plymouth Labour is fighting to save Peverell's library, but we need your help.

Plymouth Labour is determined to keep these libraries open

Find out more about the campaign by following 'Save Plymouth Libraries' on Facebook or #SavePlymLibraries  on twitter.

There are many ways that you can help the campaign to keep Peverell and the other threatened libraries open:

  • Add you name to our online petition to Tory Councillor Glenn Jordan to stop the library closures
  • Complete our online survey to tell us what you think, and get involved in our campaign
  • Add your voice to ours at the 'drop in' consultation at Peverell Library on Wednesday 15th February from 1-3.
  • Come and join us on the streets as we continue the fight for Peverell library, every Saturday at 4pm, for details see our events page.







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Hyde Park Surgery under threat of closure


Changes to our local NHS under the Tories threatens to close three GP Practices in Plymouth in a cost cutting exercise, including Cumberland Surgery in Devonport, St Barnabas in Stoke, and Hyde Park Surgery in Peverell.

NHS England has stated that they may find it impossible to renew contracts with these surgeries after March 2017.

Patients have told us that they are confused about the threatened closure, as they have built trusting long term relationships with their current doctors, and fear they may not find another doctor in the local area.

There is also the belief that the widespread support for the surgeries is being ignored at the ongoing consultation, and that the NHSE has already decided to close the surgeries.

Hyde Park surgery has over 2,500 local residents on its lists, and its closure would inevitably increase demand on other local surgeries. These are already under great pressure due to increasing demand for NHS  services that lack the support of the Conservative government.

Plymouth Labour is standing up for local patients and working to oppose cuts to local NHS services

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Labour only 200 votes behind in close contest in Peverell


Thank you to everyone who voted for Jeremy Goslin, Labour's candidate for Peverell in the City Council elections on 5 May. 

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Tory cuts close local police station

Beacon_Park_Police_station.jpgWith Devon and Cornwall Police facing Conservative Government cuts of £19 million over the next few years, our local front-line policing is being hit hard. Our local police station in Beacon Park Road was refurbished at a cost of over half a million pounds in 2011, but has recently been shuttered and now stands closed.

Peverell Labour Candidate Jeremy Goslin said:

The shuttered windows and doors of our local station are a clear sign of Conservative cuts to our local policing. Once these cuts are complete, the reassuring sight of police and PCSOs on the beat will all but disappear from the streets of Peverell.


Beacon_Park_Police_station_Jeremy.jpgPlymouth Labour believes that removing police from our streets will make us all less safe, and will fight against these dangerous cutbacks.

Labour supports our local police. Will you join our campaign?




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Jeremy Goslin Labour Candidate for Peverell



Hello, my name is Jeremy Goslin and I work at the University of Plymouth, where I lecture in psychology and conduct research on children’s language development. After having worked abroad for many years I moved to Plymouth with my wife and two boys, choosing to settle in Peverell. I thought that Peverell was a great place to live and bring up a family, with the beautiful parks, houses, and great schools. I still believe that, but what made me stay for the past 11 years were the friendly people and communities that also call it home.

This is why I feel honoured to be given the chance to represent my community as a Labour Councillor for Peverell. I feel we need representation from someone within our community, someone who will listen to our concerns, and work to preserve and improve upon our local area.

I want to make sure that the roads and pavements are not only clean, lit, and well maintained, but safe for children to get to school. I also want to see action on parking problems and safe cycling routes to the city centre. I am also passionate about Central Park, and want to work to protect and improve the beauty and facilities of the jewel in Peverell’s crown.

These are just a few of the many issues need a voice in Peverell, and I hope you will give me that opportunity by voting for me in the Council elections.

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Smoother roads for Peverell

Peverell's roads are getting yet another overhaul with Onslow Road, Belair Road, Elphinstone Road and Meredith Road the latest to be fully resurfaced by the City Council.

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