Budget Reaction

Plymouth Labour Budget Comment

Luke_Pollard_-_2015_med.jpgLuke Pollard, from Plymouth Labour, commenting on the Chancellor's Summer Budget said:
"Many people in Plymouth will have been left worse off by today's budget. Families who are already struggling to pay their bills have had their tax credits cut and thousands of students will see their grants scrapped.

During the election campaign I argued that people in Plymouth needed a pay rise and so I welcome plans to introduce a National Living Wage. I want to see the details of the Living Wage policy as it looks like Plymouth's young people will be excluded from this higher wage as well as having their access to housing support cut today too.
I'm pleased the Government is finally matching Labour's commitment to 2% defence spending for the next year but there was still no action on investing in Plymouth's train line and nothing about the airport. While other parts of the UK will get extra transport investment because of this budget Plymouth won't be getting the train line upgrade we so desperately need. I hope Plymouth's Tory MPs loudly demand better from the Chancellor."