Rubbish collection leaflets only fit for bin


Plymouth Labour has called for the sacking of a Conservative councillor after a leaflet was sent to almost 120,000 households in Plymouth containing crucial errors which was reported in the Herald today.

The leaflets outlining the controversial changes to bin collections in the city - due to start next week - includes two calendars which both contain errors.

Tudor Evans OBE - leader of the Plymouth Labour Group - has called for the leader of the council Ian Bowyer to sack Michael Leaves, Cabinet Member for Strategic Streetscene / Environment.

“It’s clear the Tories can’t be trusted to get even the most basic information correct. The calendars for the first week of the cuts to bin collections show the first Wednesday as 4 May when it is in fact 3 May.  Once again Cllr Leaves simply does not interrogate the issues and undertake the basic work necessary to make sure major changes like this proceed smoothly.They will doubtless dismiss it as a typo but it is actually a blatant lack of attention to detail and carelessness with public money.

"This is the second time Cllr Leaves has overseen a mistake relating to refuse collection. In 2008 the reorganisation of the bin collection was so shambolic the council call centre was overwhelmed with calls and the teams had to stop answering the phones.

This time the council has wasted somewhere in the region of £100,000 sending out leaflets to inform council tax payers about a highly unpopular move which are only fit for the bin.”

Plymouth Labour has campaigned against the Tory cuts to bin collections since they were announced in 2016.  We believe they are a retrograde step for the city of Plymouth.