Plymouth Labour first to use latest doorstep technology


Plymouth Labour has become one of the first parties in the country to use the latest doorstep campaigning technology on canvasses. The doorstep app allows volunteers who are doorknocking to feed information back in real-time to Labour's campaign systems saving time.

The technology was released this week and was immediately taken out on the doors for Saturday's weekly canvass in Peverell.

Jeremy Goslin, Labour's candidate in Peverell ward in 2016 and one of the local Labour campaign co-ordinators said:

The new doorstep app makes it quicker and easier for volunteers to make the most of doorstep canvassing. Plymouth Labour is known for being innovative. We were one of the first parties in the country to tweet and make YouTube videos and now we can lay claim to being one of the first to use the new doorstep app too. We really are in the midst of the white heat of technology!

Luke Pollard, who stood for Labour in the General Election in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport added: 

This app is brilliant. Less time doing paperwork after a canvass means more time on the doors listening to people's concerns and talking about Labour's policies and candidates. Hats off to the developers who made this great bit of kit.