Plymouth Labour unveils 52 pledge manifesto


Plymouth Labour has today unveiled its 52 pledge manifesto for the 2016 City Council elections. The manifesto has been created via an open process where anyone in Plymouth could contribute ideas and vote on the final document.

Plymouth currently has a Labour City Council. On Thursday 5 May voters in Plymouth will go to the polls to decide whether Labour or the Conservatives will run the City Council for the next two years. 

Labour's manifesto sets out a bold vision for a cleaner, fairer, greener and more prosperous city. 

Read Plymouth Labour's manifesto here.


Plymouth Labour's local election candidates at the launch of our 2016 manifesto


Cllr Tudor Evans, Labour Leader of Plymouth City Council said:

Labour has been in control of Plymouth City Council since May 2012. In that time we have delivered more than 2,300 new homes for Plymouth residents. Labour has brought in almost 5,000 new jobs by buying more services locally, by attracting inward investment and by supporting Plymouth businesses to grow.

We are working hard for our City by:
• Making Plymouth safer
• Cleaning up our streets
• Investing in proper jobs with real prospects for local people

We know there is more to do. We need to stick together and stand together – no one will do it for us. We continue to tighten our belts to get value for money for residents in these tough times. Things are not as fair as they should be. There is not enough opportunity for everyone to do well for themselves and their families. And no-one should have to leave Plymouth to get on in life.

We will continue to fight to get a fair deal from London. We support local people who are trying to make our City great, again. We need to talk our City up! It is time to say don’t mess with Plymouth. We need strong leadership in our local communities as well as nationally. Indecision will take us backwards. Despite Government cuts of £1,500 for every man, woman and child in the city, Plymouth’s council tax is still the lowest average council tax in the south west.

We have achieved a great deal since 2012 by tackling difficult issues head on and by working co-operatively with residents, staff, local businesses and communities. Plymouth is a fairer, better and greener place because of Labour. We have done a great deal but there is still so much more that Labour wants to do and that is why we are asking you for your trust to get the job done for the next two years. 


If you value it, vote for it.

The election on 5 May will be very close. You can help re-elect a Labour Council if you vote. Here are three things you can do to help Labour win on 5 May:

  1. Register to vote. The Government has changed the way people register to vote. Don't lose your voice, check you are registered to vote by registering online here. It only takes a moment and means you won't lose your voice.
  2. Register for a postal vote. Voting by post is easy and helps Labour win. Register for a postal vote online or get in touch with us and we'll ask the City Council to send you a form. 
  3. Vote Labour. Labour can only implement this manifesto if people vote for us. Please use your vote on 5 May for Labour and help us win in Plymouth and continue the good work we started in 2012. 

Read Plymouth Labour's manifesto here.