Plymouth Moor View Constituency Labour Party · Full Members Meeting

Plymouth Moor View Constituency Labour Party - Full Members Meeting 24th March 2016

Dear members and comrades,

You are invited to our Full Members’ meeting

Our campaigning activity has started going up through the gears, building towards the local elections in May. 

Labour has a fantastic vision for Plymouth, with projects such as the Heritage Centre and Bretonside development receiving investment and coming to fruition. The Tories’ grand vision for our great city was to reduce mini roundabouts, and they attacked the Plymouth Labour council for trying to achieve big things. It’s clear that Plymouth under the Tories would take a backwards step, and that would be disastrous for investment in the city. We must do all that we can to ensure that Labour controls the council to prevent the Tories from undoing all the hard work of our great councillors.
It is also imperative that as a local party we stand up to the divisive and cynical politics of UKIP. Our challenge is to give the residents of Moor View positive reasons for trusting us as their voice of opposition to the Government. The refugee crisis has moved UKIP’s anti-immigration rhetoric back to the top of the news, and with the EU referendum campaigns starting up they will feature more prominently in elections this year than in the General Election. We must beat their negative appeal with positivity or they will continue to be costly in terms of votes and seats in marginal areas.
With this in mind, this meeting is your opportunity to have your say in the direction of the local party going into the local elections this year. We aim to deliver local seat wins, retain our fine Labour councillors, and regain full control of the council.
There will be a selection for delegates to attend this years conference and represent Moor View CLP. In accordance with party rules, as last year's funded delegate was a woman, this years funded delegate will be a man.  Due to the size of our membership we can send an additional delegate which must be a woman and is self funded.  This is self nominating, so if you wish to be a delegate please submit your nomination to me no later than 24 hours before the Full Members Meeting either by phone, post or email.

If you wish to raise any other business, please submit this to me no later than 24 hours before the meeting either by phone, post or email

Please pass on this information to any member you may know. Our party is made all the richer when as many of our members possible have an input into our future running and conduct. To that end we ask that you make every effort to attend.

We look forward to seeing you!
Yours fraternally,
Darren Winter
Chair of Plymouth Moor View Constituency Labour Party.

March 24, 2016 at 7pm - 9pm
Plymouth Labour Party HQ, Lockyer Hall, Alfred Street
Lockyer Hall
Alfred Street
Plymouth PL1 2RP
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Linda Crick
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