Janet Wise Labour Candidate for Plympton Erle


It would be an honour to represent Erle, my home for ten years. I raised my two children here.

Previously with the NUT, and now in the GMB, I think it is vital to look after the rights of working people, and speak up for society’s vulnerable. Everyone deserves to be listened to.

I pledge to run regular surgeries and ‘Have Your Say Meetings’. I have facilitated five community meetings, and I listen to residents via my Plympton Survey (www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TX23BYV).

My top pledges from our manifesto are:

We will start a programme to improve access for people in wheelchairs by providing more dropped kerbs to make it easier to get around.

Working alongside local residents and businesses we will launch a Plan for the revival of District Shopping Centres to help reopen empty shops.

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