Vince Barry Labour Candidate for Plymstock Radford


This election is the first that I’ve been in as a candidate, one of the youngest ever to contest a Plymouth seat. My campaigning experience has shown me the importance of community engagement and activism.

I am currently studying International Relations and Politics at Plymouth University. I am also an active member of Plymouth Young Labour and Labour Students. My family has lived in Plymstock Radford for three generations, and I’m really excited for the potential for the Broadway to be revived.

My top pledges from our manifesto are:-
  • Plymouth’s roads have improved under Labour with the number of potholes at a five year low. To continue this good work we will outline a two year programme to resurface 200 more roads and pavement across the city.
  • Working alongside local residents and businesses we will launch a Plan for the revival of District Shopping Centres to help reopen empty shops.

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Labour’s Vince Barry opposes the Coombe House Planning Application

Labour’s Vince Barry opposes the Coombe House Planning ApplicationLocal people are concerned about the plans to convert Coombe House on Oreston Quay into separate dwellings, leading to more parking problems and a building that will be out of character with the area.

Planners are recommending refusal, but Tory Councillor Michael Leaves has referred it to the full Planning Committee. This is the only way permission could be granted!

Labour candidate Vince Barry said “Like others in Oreston, I am opposed to this. There will be design and parking problems and it will definitely be over-development. If I were our Councillor, I would be standing up for local people, rather than trying to push through such an unpopular proposal. Again, Tory Michael Leaves is letting down the people who elected him.”

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