Roger Williams Labour Candidate for Plympton St Mary

Roger Williams Labour Candidate

At the last election I was the Labour Candidate for Erle Ward, and as a Plympton resident I am delighted to be contesting the St Mary seat this time around.

I joined the Labour Party in 1963, becoming the first Chair of the Welsh Young Labour. I taught Labour Party History at the Labour Political Studies Centre, one of the first tutors. I was a Labour councillor and Cabinet Member for Lichfield Council, 1995-1999.

I lecture at City College Plymouth in Access Mathematics, and am Vice Chair of Lipson Co-Operative College, and its Chair of Personnel.

My top pledges from our manifesto are:-

  • Continue to roll out 20mph zones around our local schools to keep our children safe.
  • Labour has already doubled the number of children cycling and walking to school and we will continue to invest to increase the number of children getting active on the way to school..