Labour anger at Tory Library closure plan


Labour councillors in Plymouth have vowed to fight plans by the ruling UKIP-Tory coalition to close 10 libraries across the city.

Labour, when in power, rejected library closures as a way of reducing council spending. 

Labour leader Cllr Tudor Evans said:

"Libraries are essential to communities. They are where children discover reading, people get hold of books they can't afford, computers give everyone access to the online world. We had started the job of making them a place to access Council services, like at the new Library now slated for closure in North Prospect."

Labour launches its campaign today, and will raise the issue in council meetings and across Plymouth, helping local people fight to save their local library over the next few weeks.

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Labour is encouraging people to tweet their anger at the Tory and UKIP plan to close 10 of 17 libraries using the hashtag #SavePlymLibraries. Follow the conversation on Twitter here.

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We've set up a Facebook campaign page to Save Plymouth's Libraries. You can like it here. Please do share the content and ask your friends to like the page too so we can keep the campaigning growing in strength. 

Sign the petition

We have set up a petition to call on the Tory Councillor responsible for libraries to change his mind and reverse the library closure plan. Please sign it here.