Smoother roads for Peverell

Peverell's roads are getting yet another overhaul with Onslow Road, Belair Road, Elphinstone Road and Meredith Road the latest to be fully resurfaced by the City Council.

Peverell's Labour candidate, Paul McNamara, said:

"Peverell's roads are getting better. The Labour Council has prioritised the main roads and we're now working on the residential streets to repair potholes and fully resurface roads. It is making a huge difference to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists."

Peverell resident and Labour's Parliamentary Candidate, Luke Pollard said: 

"Potholes used to be the top issue in Peverell but thanks to the work of the Council it's dropping down the list of issues raised with us. There is still a lot more work that needs to be done but I'm pleased to see Plymouth's Labour Council properly resurfacing roads. I don't want to see quick fixes - I want to see proper repairs and full road resurfacing and that is what the Council is delivering despite the massive cuts to their budget. It isn't fashionable to say it but well done to the City Council - they're doing a good job in Peverell. Keep it up."

If you see a pothole please report it here.