Sue Dann on Defence


Plymouth is a Proud Military City. Watch my latest video on why that matters to me & the defence priorities I will fight for if elected on June 8th

Plymouth is a proud military city.  When Labour was in power in Plymouth we were one of the first cities to sign up to the Military Covenant.

This supports our servicemen, our servicewomen, veterans and their families across the city.  Devonport Dockyard is part of my family. My husband was a shipwright and worked in the Dockyard for decades.  My daughter works at Babcock, and I’ve also a brother-in-law and two nephews who are working in the Dockyard.  Many Plymouth Labour members are military veterans, ex-dockyardees. And they, like me, work support Labour Friends of the Forces.  

I want to make it absolutely crystal clear that Labour will renew Trident.  Labour will meet the NATO spending target of 2% of our national income on defence.

 Labour will do more for forces personnel and their families.  A recent MOD report about morale makes shocking reading.  We will sort out the problems with military housing, we will make it illegal to discriminate against forces personnel and we will close down IHAT.

 The first duty of any Government is to protect and defend its citizens. When it comes to defence I am proud that Plymouth plays such a key role. I will fight, as your MP, to keep Plymouth as a cornerstone of Britain’s defence and the defence  industry.

 Plymouth is a military city.