Tax Credits Cut Protest in Plymouth City Centre


Volunteers braved the rain to campaign against the Tory Tax Credit cuts in Plymouth City Centre yesterday.

Watch our video from yesterday's campaign to stop tax credits being cut.


Luke Pollard, who stood at the election for Labour in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport said:

"David Cameron is breaking his promise to stand up for families. Changes to tax credits will cost working families in Plymouth £1,300 a year from April 2016. Labour is calling on the Tories to stand up for people in work in or city and oppose cuts to tax credits."


Darren Winter, Chair of Plymouth Moor View Labour Party, who attended the protest with his children said:

"I took my family to the tax credits protest because these cuts will hurt us and thousands of families like mine in Plymouth. The Tories promised not to cut tax credits at the election but that is exactly what all three of Plymouth's Tory MPs have done. It's time they stood up for families like mine in Plymouth."


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