The Last Word - Sue Dann


Thank you to all the people and volunteers who came into Plymouth Moor View to fight for a Labour victory here, we could not have run the campaign without you all.

Our organisation on the day, and the mobilisation to get out our vote worked -  we had 4000 more votes than in 2015. The issue in the north of the city was always going to be the UKIP vote and where it was going to go, and now we know. We need to start the long campaign now to win Labour voters back across Moor View so that we can take back the City Council next year.  We have made a great start, so after a short rest it has to be onwards and upwards!

 I do want to say a special thank you to the team, especially Jonny, Nicky and Charlotte, who between them have moved me into the 21st century and the world of social media; to Chris, my agent; Gwen, who managed our finances, and of course my lovely husband and family. We ran a campaign that was built on honesty, integrity and openness, and put forward strongly the social justice agenda that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party assembled. We need to be very proud of that. In politics you have to believe in your principles, and we did - we need to use that united front to build up Moor View Labour Party for both the elections ahead, and to work in our communities and neighbourhoods right across the constituency.

 Then to the voters - thank you for giving me and the Labour Party your vote. I met so many of you over the last six weeks and you shared your concerns and your worries with me, so the challenge now is for your Tory MP Johnny Mercer to stand up and be accountable to you all.

 So let's hope Johnny Mercer finally votes for Plymouth and against the cuts he has voted for over the last two years. He said voting against the government is a vanity vote. Sorry, Mr Mercer, we don't need vanity, we just need someone to do the job and work for Plymouth. It's about time that you stood up and spoke up for Plymouth in Westminster.

 Johnny Mercer MP needs to support the real commitment the Labour Party made to fund the Dawlish mainline and track electrification. it will make his journey to London quicker from Launceston.

 During a Facebook live chat, Mr Mercer said that elections are a good reality check, as you are out on the doors. He should not need a reality check, he should know how real people are struggling, worried about their pensions, social care, school funding and the big concern around the NHS. Perhaps if he lived in Plymouth he would know what is happening as he would feel the effects of the votes he makes that take money out of Plymouth. It is about time he supported all his constituents, including veterans, but also the old, the young, working families, people  with disabilities, people who are losing care packages, those that need mental health services and I could go on, as the list of people he has ignored is a far longer one.

 This election is now over, so we will now move onto the next one, and the next one after that, always fighting for Plymouth, always fighting for Labour values, always fighting for social justice.

Always fighting for the many, not the few.

 Thank you everyone for all of your support.