Tory cuts close local police station

Beacon_Park_Police_station.jpgWith Devon and Cornwall Police facing Conservative Government cuts of £19 million over the next few years, our local front-line policing is being hit hard. Our local police station in Beacon Park Road was refurbished at a cost of over half a million pounds in 2011, but has recently been shuttered and now stands closed.

Peverell Labour Candidate Jeremy Goslin said:

The shuttered windows and doors of our local station are a clear sign of Conservative cuts to our local policing. Once these cuts are complete, the reassuring sight of police and PCSOs on the beat will all but disappear from the streets of Peverell.


Beacon_Park_Police_station_Jeremy.jpgPlymouth Labour believes that removing police from our streets will make us all less safe, and will fight against these dangerous cutbacks.

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