Tory focus on creating Trident myths as their record on defence is poor


Today the Tories have launched an attack on Labour creating myths and uncertainty about the party's defence positions.

Cllr Tudor Evans OBE, Leader of the Labour Group on Plymouth City Council said:

"Labour's policy on Trident renewal is exactly the same as the Government and has been reaffirmed by members at our recent conference. Devonport plays a vital long-term role in supporting the Royal Navy by refitting submarines and that won't change under Labour.

The Conservatives want to focus on creating uncertainty about Trident because they don't want attention on how they are mismanaging our national defence.

Across Plymouth they're cutting the number of current and future frigates, selling off our helicopter carrier, selling historic bases at RM Stonehouse and the Royal Citadel and cutting 200 frontline elite Royal Marines. Each cut is a blow to our city and each cut is a reversal of promises at the last election." - no wonder they're so keen to create myths around Trident." 


At the last election Labour's candidate in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport warned the Tories would scrap Devonport-based HMS Ocean, cut the number of new frigates, sell Stonehouse Barracks and the Royal Citadel. The Tories denied Labour's claims. Since the election the Tories have announced they will scrap HMS Ocean, cut the number of new Type 26 frigates from 13 to 8, sell Stonehouse Barracks and the Royal Citadel and cut 200 Royal Marines.