Tudor and Tina listening to residents in North Prospect


Just a month after the elections on 7 May Plymouth Labour is back campaigning in Ham ward. Local Labour Councillors Tina Tuohy and Tudor Evans were joined by volunteers from across the city to speak to local people about their priorities for the area.

North Prospect has seen millions of pounds of regeneration with new homes and streets. 

Councillor Tudor Evans said:

The re-generation in North Prospect is incredible. The whole area is changing and new families are moving into the area. I've been a councillor for this area for 28 years but there are lots of people I'm meeting for the first time as they've just moved in. It's so important that Labour continues to speak to voters. We speak to voters all year round.

There are lots of people who are not registered to vote in this area as they've just moved in. You can register to vote online here.

If you've got any concerns of problems Tina and Tudor can help with please get in touch with us.