Victory for Labour's Devonport sign campaign


Devonport has a new welcome road sign thanks to a campaign by local Labour Party campaigners. A year ago, Luke Pollard, then Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, launched a campaign for the historic town of Devonport to receive proper recognition with a dedicated welcome sign. After months of lobbying and support from the local community, the new welcome sign on Devonport Hill has just been installed.

A year after the campaign was launched Plymouth City Council has listened to campaigners and local people and have installed a new road sign for the 'historic town of Devonport' on Devonport Hill only a few hundred yards from the traditional boundary with East Stonehouse. Other areas of Plymouth have welcome signs including Plympton and Whitleigh, and Labour wanted to know why Devonport, one of the original three towns that merged in 1914 to form Plymouth, didn't have one.


Labour's Luke Pollard and Cllr Kate Taylor with the new Devonport road sign on Devonport Hill.



Cllr Kate Taylor, Labour Councillor for Devonport, said:

“Devonport is an incredibly proud community. It is right that one hundred years since the three towns of Devonport, Stonehouse and Plymouth came together we celebrate the historic boundary of the town with this sign.

The campaign for a road sign for Devonport is something that all three Labour Councillors for Devonport backed and it's good that this has been delivered by Plymouth's Labour Council.

I'm proud to represent the area where I was born and it is good that at long last we have the proper road signs that celebrates our community."


Luke Pollard, Labour’s former candidate for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport at the last General Election, who started the road sign campaign said:

“Devonport is a proud community with a rich history. With the regeneration of Devonport there are more and more reasons to take a second look at Devonport. Now the historic town has a proper road sign so locals and visitors alike will know they're in this historic part of the city. The new sign is good for tourism and good for civic pride.

I might not have won the general election but it is good to see the campaigns I started still delivering results. Charles Church is now properly lit up at night and now Devonport has a proper welcome sign. Thank you to Devonport Councillors Mark, Bill and Kate for their support in getting a proper welcome sign on Devonport Hill."



Labour's Luke Pollard and Cllr Kate Taylor celebrating another successful campaign.

Next time you go by the Devonport road sign on Devonport Hill know that this is another Labour achievement. #ProudofDevonport


The campaign for a welcome sign for Devonport was originally launched by Luke Pollard and Cllr Mark Coker in March 2015. You can read the Herald coverage of the campaign here.