Volunteer Awards Announced


Congratulations to all the volunteers who won awards at the 2015 Plymouth Labour Volunteer Awards. All Labour members in Plymouth could vote for the awards and we're pleased that the following members took home awards:


A celebration of Labour volunteering

Doorstep Campaigner of the Year: Paul McNamara

Phone Canvasser of the Year: Shirley Smith

New Campaigner of the Year: Sally Bowman

Young Member of the Year: Sally Bowman

Campaigning Councillor of the Year: Cllr Jon Taylor

Campaigning Ward of the Year: Peverell

Volunteer Officer of the Year: Cllr Mary Aspinall

Labour MP of the Year: Stella Creasy MP

Lifetime achievement award: Jean Nelder 

Comedy moment of the year: Luke's election billboard being graffitied with a giant willy

Colvile Award for Worst Tory Policy of 2015: Tax Credit Cuts



Ian Tuffin receives the Colvile Award on behalf of the Conservative Party for worst Tory policy of the year 

Thank you to everyone who won, were nominated in and who voted in the awards and to every volunteer who gave up their time in 2015 to campaign, organise, donate, and volunteer for the Labour Party. Thank you.

2015 General Election Contribution Awards


David Evans receives his recognition award 

Congratulations also to Paul McNamara, David Evans and Mary Aspinall who were awarded merit awards by the national party for their work in the 2015 General Election and had their certificates awarded on the night too.