Voting Lib Dem only helps the Tories in Plymouth


The Liberal Democrats cannot win in Plymouth

Remain voters in Plymouth are asking which party will speak for them. 

The Liberal Democrats are trying to win back the people who gave up on them when they tripled tuition fees, and helped their Conservative coalition friends slash public services and make swingeing cuts that have badly harmed people in Plymouth.

Look at the 2015 General Election results: the Liberal Democrats cannot win in Plymouth.  A vote for them in Plymouth only helps the Tories win. That would mean more cuts to public services, schools and our NHS. It would mean a Brexit that harms our relations with our European trading partners and more attacks on workplace rights.


Cllr Tudor Evans OBE, Leader of the Labour Group on Plymouth City Council said:

"You can only stop Plymouth getting Tory MPs by voting Labour.  In Plymouth Sutton and Devonport there were only 523 votes separating Labour and the Conservatives. In Plymouth Moor View there were 1026. 

This election in Plymouth will be closer than 2015, and every vote will count to get rid of our Tory MPs.

Voting Lib Dem will gift the Tories seats in Plymouth.  Please do not waste your vote."