Westminster terror attack


Plymouth Labour stands with the victims of this week's terror attack in Westminster.  Alison Seabeck, who represented Plymouth Moor View from 2005 to 2015 was in Westminster when the attack happened. She sends this message.

Alison said:

The tragedy which struck Westminster this week wasn't the first attack on our democracy and sadly it won't be the last.  What is important is how we respond.  Defiance, resilience and toleration are the strengths of the British people and we need them at this time.  

Locked into my office in Westminster, getting messages from colleagues around the building and from within the Chamber, I was aware of the way in which people were supporting each other across Party lines.  The building was full of visitors and children in vast numbers who were visiting were also caught up in what was happening.  When the news began to filter through of the loss of one of the police officers who on a daily basis protect the buildings, the people who work in it and ultimately our democracy, the mood became even more sombre and sad.  

The following morning as I walked in to work I passed the many police officers protecting the site and the words "thank you" were spoken not just by me but by those around me.  But the House was back working and commemorating and honouring the life of PC Keith Palmer and the other victims. It was also very clear from all sides that we do not give in to such actions and threats.  Importantly we must do all we can to challenge and discredit that small minority which always try to divide our communities in these circumstances.